Vol 2.5 Seeing Friends For The Last Time

I'm getting to the age in life where every time I see one of my friends it could be the last time. Not because either of us die, just because as we get older, time passes by and life gets in the way of life.  We all move, chase different dreams, change, grow, find new... Continue Reading →

Vol 2.4 Crushing reality of Facebook memories

At a random point each day most of us are given a notification from Facebook saying "You have memories on Facebook X years ago" Once you open this can of worms and start looking at all the dumb things you've written, deleting borderline racist and offensive ones so they don't see the light of day... Continue Reading →

Vol 2.3 Keeping off the Sauce

During the week the idea of not going out getting blind on a Saturday sounds appealing, sometimes because your still hungover from last weekend, sometimes it's because you just want to not blow your entire pay in one night at a pub you claim is shit week after week.


Today I got fired, its a shitty feeling, having the big boss come up to you and say its not working out. Which I’m sure to most people who’ve been fired think its coming out of know where. This nearly broke me, I had just become comfortable at this new job, made some friends and... Continue Reading →

Vol 2.1 – Not Myself

Hello, it's been awhile, but there's a few things I need to put into the world. Lately I havnt been myself, I look in the mirror and see the same person, when I'm alone I feel the same, but all other times I'm not myself. . I seem to be grumpier, short tempered, short with... Continue Reading →

#120 Experience Life

Experiences are something that we never forget, there is no price that can be put on making memories and creating moments that stay with you. something that give you a warm feeling in your heart when you look back at them. As I ride the gondola down the mountain watching an incredible sunset between the... Continue Reading →

#119. The Invisible Hand

In modern society we all seem to chase money, its seen as the most important aspect of life, it controls us, how we act, our decisions and actions, subconsciously it controls all of our lives. For me this is something I have been lucky enough to avoid, I don’t chase money, I let what makes... Continue Reading →

#118 An orphan Christmas

Christmas, what a day, a time we spend with loved ones, celebrate what was and give presents that bring smiles to the ones we care about. For me christmas is different, I am not close with my family so normally spend it with my dogs treating them to a day they love, its not something... Continue Reading →

#117. A Message to the youth

This is a message to the youth. To all the people out there still trying to figure it out. As you grow up your supposed to know what you want to do with your life, have a plan, become a productive member of society. The thing is we really never figure it out, Life just... Continue Reading →

#116 The hungover mind

Isn't the hungover mind an interesting phenomenon. It's almost as if we are split into two people, a care free, optimistic, let's be outrageous drunk to the negative, pessimistic filth we become during a hangover. Too often than not I'm determined not to drink, then the situation occurs where I'll "just have one drink with... Continue Reading →

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