#116 The hungover mind

Isn’t the hungover mind an interesting phenomenon. It’s almost as if we are split into two people, a care free, optimistic, let’s be outrageous drunk to the negative, pessimistic filth we become during a hangover.

Too often than not I’m determined not to drink, then the situation occurs where I’ll “just have one drink with dinner.” trying to be responsible but sociable, save money or just give my body a break for once. Yet this never sticks, bit of banter, few slippery froffs and before you know it I’m stumbling around on the dance floor with a group of people I’ve never met at 5am.

The next day however is when it all goes to shit. For some this resorts us to a coma/vampire state where the room needs to be dark and there is little movement for hours even days if your my old housemate.
Most of us a hungover mind usually means a brain that puts the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the dishwasher, one that says fuck it to healthy eating I’m getting a kfc family feast and eat it all or die trying.
When your hanging you can easily be spotted in a crowd, looking like you havnt slept, often wearing a combination of what you had on last night and clothes that should only be worn around the house. We loose our filter and sense of decency and often forget we are in public, at any moment in we could break down into tears over not getting food quick enough or tell a small child to get fucked as you ride a gondola up a mountain to work (to the little child the other day I’m sorry but seriously fuck off).

Our brains make some very interesting thoughts when hung. We have scattered conversations that don’t really make sense, bail on any responsibilities convincing ourselves that there will be no consequences. It’s something were always going to expirence because most of us have no will power to say no to a good time. To all those out there with a raging hanger I feel for ya, my condolences are with you.

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