#117. A Message to the youth

This is a message to the youth. To all the people out there still trying to figure it out.

As you grow up your supposed to know what you want to do with your life, have a plan, become a productive member of society. The thing is we really never figure it out, Life just seems to work out. If you have a dream chase it, if you know your passion make it your life, keep it fun and put your energy into what your heart desires and you’ll end up exactly where you need to be.

Don’t stress the small stuff, if you don’t have a plan for your future great. This leaves you open to opportunities. Leaves you open to the adventure. But please make sure what ever you do you enjoy it.

Responsibilities sneak up on you if your not careful, one minute you will have all the freedom in the world, then one day you’ll wake up trapped in a life you never desired that’s hard to escape from. I’ve seen too many friends let their life escape them, ones with dreams that they let slip because they get trapped listening to what everyone thinks they should be doing. Only you know what should decide what you do.

If you have no commitments and nothing holding you back just get out there. Tick items off your bucket list, go get lost in the world and find yourself. Know what you want before you commit to anything, don’t wake up one day stuck in a life you don’t desire. Dig deep, push yourself, trust your abilities and know that it will always work out. Most importantly of all, always follow your heart it will take you in the right direction and put you where you need to be.

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