#118 An orphan Christmas

Christmas, what a day, a time we spend with loved ones, celebrate what was and give presents that bring smiles to the ones we care about. For me christmas is different, I am not close with my family so normally spend it with my dogs treating them to a day they love, its not something I am upset about because christmas is what you make it. This year is the craziest yet, I am 15,000km away from all my friends, away from all the people that I care about and the ones who I would call upon for a few celebratory drinks on christmas night.
Even though I am away from the people I cherish most in my life, this christmas is still going to be great. In the last 2 months since Ive move people have come into my life and become great friends, people who have become like a family in a very short time, we are all away from our families and will be spending it together on our orphan christmas. I really couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to share it with, they are all absolute legends and make life away from home that much easier.
This year I have learnt a lot about myself and the people that surround me, life really is about the people you choose to surround yourself with. Its about sharing, caring and embracing what you have, appreciating who you have in your life and thinking of those that you are unable to be with.
Take some time today to message those you can’t be with and tell them how much they mean, make the effort to see the ones you love, take time to appreciate what you have, what you’ve had and whats to come.
Merry christmas to everyone from Neverland…

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