Vol 2.3 Keeping off the Sauce

During the week the idea of not going out getting blind on a Saturday sounds appealing, sometimes because your still hungover from last weekend, sometimes it’s because you just want to not blow your entire pay in one night at a pub you claim is shit week after week.
What ever the reason, it seems to be a hard task for someone like myself who suffers from FOMO pretty hard and can’t grow up enough to realize its probably for the best just to be sober from time to time.
Getting through Friday afternoon is tough, especially when the weather is good, you’ve had a long week, I’ve found the key here for me is to go for a paddle (some people would call it surfing, but i spend 90% of my time paddling out, being exhausted, than actually surfing). After this all you generally want to do is eat and sleep. So that’s night one in the books you’ve made it. Now comes the real challenge, Saturday night…
For me, as I’m a sack of shit with a rubber arm avoiding a day sash is really hard, mostly because I will always try to instigate it. Living away from most of my mates has made this part easy because if the 5 people I know up here are busy then its usually easy. But the next obstacle comes right around sunset, because of doing bugger all, you end up sitting on social media a lot, which is bad. Bad because you start seeing everyone else having fun, talking shit, drinking beers making bad decisions and having a good time. Which all looks like fun at the time, but if you can convince yourself its worth it, save money, not be a hungover sack on a Sunday blah blah blah, what ever it takes to get through it.
Then comes Sunday, waking up fresh, what the fuck is this feeling you ask? well its unique, you open your social media and there isn’t dark blurry stories uploaded with something that’s not even funny to even you the next day. You’ve made it through the weekend saving money, letting your body have a rest and you should be proud.


Well this is just what i have to say to convince myself that becoming an adult is alright, its not it sucks.

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