Vol 2.4 Crushing reality of Facebook memories

At a random point each day most of us are given a notification from Facebook saying
“You have memories on Facebook X years ago”
Once you open this can of worms and start looking at all the dumb things you’ve written, deleting borderline racist and offensive ones so they don’t see the light of day again. The ones that really sink in and hit close to the heart are the photos and videos of trip/tours/rad days etc, bringing back the feelings
Today for me 2 popped up, one from 5 years ago and another from 9 (Yeah NINE FUCKING YEARS AGO). Some photos from a last-minute road trip to Melbourne with a few good mates, that only feels like a few years ago. Looking at the photos we all look so young, thinking back to how we all felt during this time, it’s like a different world. Everyone so carefree and not realizing how much fun that time of our life would be and how fond we would look back at these times. Come to the present, all still mates yet most of us live in different states, going months if not years without seeing each other, all working, some having families, shit does the nostalgia of memories get you bummed at how much life has changed.
The other memories I had today was a video from 5 years ago, spent with a good mate at the quarry (watering hole down in Adelaide). This would probably be the last time I hung out with that mate, not due to fight but just because after this our lives went in 2 completely different directions. It’s funny but you rarely can pinpoint a moment that a friendship went from hanging out all the time to nothing.
Enough rambling (as a wipe away a tear from my eye thinking about how good it used to be and how fast time is passing and how old we are all getting!). These memories that pop up are a constant reminder to keep doing what you love, live each day with a sense of pride, take your life in the direction you want to. Don’t hold back because of fear, be it embarrassment or failure get out and take the chance. Everybody must start somewhere and today is the day to begin. I am very guilty of doing the opposite to this and wasting the day away because I get tired, or lazy or having a fight with some demons in my head that put unreasonable thoughts in my brain.
Take it from me, as someone who thought the fun would never end, eventually it will. If you don’t take time to figure out what you want, one day you might find yourself in a life that’s full of doing things you don’t like doing just to get by. If you let it life will always get in the way of life, there are always excuses to stop you but understanding how quickly life passes by is the biggest killer of any excuse. I was lucky enough to realize this a little while ago and always have had my eye on the prize, but sometimes you slip back into routine and need a little motivator to not waste out your days. The end goal will be different for everyone but living a life you can be proud of is something everyone is working towards. Take 5 minutes today to sit down and write down a few short and long-term goals and think of some steps that will start taking me in the right direction.
Time is something we can’t stop, we age, we grow old, life gets in the way of life and opportunities become harder to come by each day, it’s important to understand this and use this as a motivator that drives us to create the best life and future for ourselves.

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