Vol 2.5 Seeing Friends For The Last Time

I’m getting to the age in life where every time I see one of my friends it could be the last time.
Not because either of us die, just because as we get older, time passes by and life gets in the way of life.  We all move, chase different dreams, change, grow, find new interests/hobbies and next thing you know its been years since the two of you actually have had a decent time to catch up and hang out as mates. I’m not talking the generic group catch up where you tell a few stories spend 10minutes with someone, I mean the deep catch up the one where dark stories are told that make you both laugh into tears, the kind of fucked up situations that only a long time friend would understand.
Drifting apart is normal and something we cant change, this doesn’t take away from the fact its just a shitty thing. Social media is a blessing and a curse when it comes to this, it often doesn’t feel that long between drinks because we still send snaps or pop up in each others feeds, without communicating directly we still know roughly whats going on in each others lives.
For me to look back, its been a solid 4 years since I was properly living around my closest friends for more than a couple weeks. The mates who I grew up with, the ones who have know you from before you had pubes and were there the first time you passed out drunk. These are the people I often find myself thinking about, wondering how they really are, how they have grown and changed and what person they have turned into today. Sometimes you think about if we would still be as close if distance wasn’t a factor. In my mind the answer is always a yes,because these are mates who I grew up with, the ones who have know you from before you had pubes and were there the first time you passed out drunk. But in reality no matter where you live, distance in friendships can be developed when you live around the corner from someone. So it doesn’t matter where we are or how long its been.
Often its just the gesture or returning a phone call or making the effort to see each other, just catching up talking absolute nonsense that built your friendship in the first place. Understanding that things can never go back to the way they were is a hard pill to swallow but if I try to organize a catch up with you its because your still my mate, still someone I care about and deep down know if life didn’t get in the way we would still be hanging out on the regular.
The thought that when you see a long time mate it could be the last time is a pretty heavy thought, somehow seems unreasonable, but in reality its very possible. We meet a lot of people and life is ever changing, often for the better.
This has probably come across as negative, I think this is just my way of saying, No matter the time, distance or bullshit that might have gone on, mates will always be mates and I will always be a call away.
Happy Friday to all the friends near and far, Cheers

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