#115 Listen Inside

The most successful people in history have been individual, unique, the best version of themselves not of anybody else. You won’t be successful trying to be anyone else, you need to be yourself. Its also important you do what you love, too many people in this world are employed in jobs that forces them to... Continue Reading →

#114 Being broke 101

Now we've all been here before. What seems like minutes after getting paid we get a bit excited enjoy a good night out with some mates, deciding to make it rain and just getting carried away with the little money we have. For some of us (students) this happens usually about 25 min after a... Continue Reading →

#113 Fate

Tonight on the bus I found myself thinking about the people in my life. How i met them and how they became to be important to me. Thinking about the friendships I initiated and how different my life and theirs would be if neither of us had taken the chance or put the effort in... Continue Reading →

#112. Distant Friends

Isn't it crazy how people can go from being such a huge part of your life and then suddenly nothing. Looking back at the past and thinking about how important some were to you and as time goes on it is nothing but a fading memory. Think about the ex's that were in your life.... Continue Reading →

#111 Live What you Preach

Lately I have received a lot of positive feedback about my ramblings and to those who went out of their way I thank you. A common factor to all the feedback is that they wish they could live a life like that, which is shit because everyone has the ability to live their dream life.... Continue Reading →

#109. A Slave To the World

Are we all destined to end up living a life working a pointless job? A pointless job is something that prevents you from living a full life, its a situation too many people around the world face every day. Billions of people around the world are wasting their potential, working in areas that crush your... Continue Reading →

108. One day is Today

I hate the phrase ‘I'll do it one day', I’m going to do this one day, I’m going to start this one day, it's a piss poor excuse used to justify to themselves and others as to why they aren't doing what they really want to do. It's very frustrating to see how many people... Continue Reading →

107. Choices

In life we are faced with many choices, these choices determine the path our life goes down, we are all faced with the question do we stay or do we go? For how long and how far… This is our choice Decisions determine our direction, often put into dizzying spiral on the fringe on uncertainty.... Continue Reading →

#106 Mindfulness

Mindfulness is something that is usually associated with yoga, meditation and all the hippie kind of lifestyles that can come to be very daunting and inaccessible to those who live in a modern day fast passed society. The fact is it’s really a simple practice that is used by millions across the world consciously and... Continue Reading →

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